Our Services

We offer fun transportation to, from, and within the Woodlands, Texas. Whether you need to go to the Airport, Medical, Work, shopping, concerts, cultural events, restaurants, pubs, grilles, bars, parties, downtown, the Galleria, or other destinations.

One cannot be too concerned about their own safety, or that of others. That is why unTaxiJack provides designated drivers.

24/7 by reservation, Taxi, Limousine, to 7 passengers per vehicle, Business, Fun, Medical, Errands, Weddings, Chauffeur, Prompt and Affordable.



Why unTaxiJack? 

In the Houston TX area, everyone needs a car to get around.

There are many comments to the effect of "Work hard and Play hard".

If you have two alcohol drinks within 4 hours, you will test as DUI or PI. DUI can be costly and take away your drivers licence for a year.

For a year without a drivers license, you may not be able to:
- Drive
- Go into an establishment that serves beverages containing alcohol
- Purchase beverages containing alcohol from a retail establishment

Call 832-610-6730 and learn why unTaxiJack is The Woodlands' preferred transportation.